Kings Day 2016 Display At Cafe Amsterdam



Cafe Amsterdam is a place of contrasts – we preserve the traditions of the past while embracing the new. We find a balance between both the incredible Norwegian traditions and culture and taking selective advantage of Dutch genuinely unique flavors. Therefore, we invite you to soak up in our annual festivity, bursting with orange as the Dutch enjoy their one of the biggest party of the year - King's Day (Koningsdag). It is a Dutch national holiday, held every year on 27 April. King's Day (previously known as Queen's Day) is renowned for being one of the most blissful and colorful festivities in the Netherlands, and especially so in Amsterdam.

Kings Day 2020 at Cafe Amsterdam Oslo Ap

King's Day is a Dutch public holiday, but it is certainly a day not to rest, so it is here in Cafe Amsterdam, Oslo. Our diverse team bring their brilliant minds together and prepares for this event in advance, to make sure it is always exciting for all our guests.


Every year, the Dutch national holiday paints Cafe Amsterdam in bright orange. You may wonder why orange while the colors of the national flag are obviously red, white, and blue. It is no difficult answer: orange is the color of the Dutch Royal Family which descends from the House of Orange. Did you know that the surname of the Dutch King “van Oranje” is? If you translate it into English, his name would be William of Orange.

When it comes to parties, Cafe Amsterdam's annual celebration of the Dutch monarch's birthday is the ultimate treat. Invite your family and friends for a day known for its "anything goes" party vibe. The celebration makes the end of April fun and lively time to be in Café Amsterdam.

Cafe Amsterdam Oslo King's Day decoratio
King's Day display at Cafe Amsterdam Osl
Kings Day Party at Cafe Amsterdam Oslo
Kings Day Party at Cafe Amsterdam Oslo 5
Kings Day Party at Cafe Amsterdam Oslo 6
Kings Day Party at Cafe Amsterdam Oslo 1
Kings Day Party at Cafe Amsterdam Oslo 4
Kings Day Party at Cafe Amsterdam Oslo 2
Kings Day Party at Cafe Amsterdam Oslo 3
Kings Day Party at cafe Amsterdam
Kings Day Party at Cafe Amsterdam
Cafe Amsterdam on Kings Day

Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of it. As the sun goes down, we welcome you in, where music and entertainment blend seamlessly to celebrate the royal family! We welcome everyone dressed in orange, and the more exuberant, the better. The award for the best orange outfit awaits! Everyone is welcome! Experience the best in music with DJ's playing favorite tunes all night long. Just take a look below - a moment captured by our beloved DJ Snorre, during the 2019 celebration.

The DUTCH simply know how to PARTY! There is no better day to come to Amsterdam than on April 25th. Wat een gezelligheid! Meanwhile, follow us on Facebook to stay updated on every exciting event we have arranged for you.