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Café Amsterdam is a brilliant venue to hang out with your friends, whether you are looking to dive in conversations and table games while playing our plugged in the daily music list, get loose on the dance floor while a DJ spins everyone's favorites, or splash out on a band. We are fully equipped to entertain your needs from the informal and intimate to the creative and spectacular. Play it safe and book your table now. 


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Cafe Amsterdam in Oslo opens for lunch w



Cafe Amsterdam’s team is happy to announce we are now open for Lunch. By popular request, Cafe Amsterdam extended our food menu with new delicious options to enjoy as early as 11 am. Fancy a taste of “Lasagne al Forno,” tunafish-salad, or a traditional Norwegian meat cakes? Stop by! We invite you to bring your friends and family out and try some of our new sandwiches and salads. Available until 4 pm, the set menu will ensure that you’re not leaving hungry with a mix of small plates.


Cafe Amsterdam’s popularity is only on the rise and just in time for the busy season. So this makes for an excellent opportunity to convince your boss to book in for productive work lunch or just to spend a few hours losing track of time over a good meal this season.


Our team chose the dishes on the menu carefully and created a versatile menu with something to love for everyone. A tasty twist on some traditional favorites, the lunch menu has the perfect mix of light bits and tantalizing treats. Got hungry after reading this blog?

Lunch is served from 11 am – 4 pm daily in our perfect meeting place for the business of pleasure. If you want to stay updated about everything happening at Café Amsterdam, follow us on Facebook.


Note: All menu items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability.

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Halloween Party
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Whooping Hat Party

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