Today Cafe Amsterdam is considered as a chic, modern meeting venue where everyone can find something to enjoy it whether our well-known refreshments and finger food such as famous "bitterballen", Norwegian meat-cakes,  or events that people talk about. 

Read below learn more about our customers' favorites. 


"Bitterballen" are a savory Dutch meat-based snack, typically containing a mixture of horsemeat or veal (minced or chopped), beef broth, butter, flour for thickening, parsley, salt, and pepper, resulting in a thick roux. The ones served at Cafe Amsterdam are made of beef meat. To keep the authentic flavors, Cafe Amsterdam imports it from the Netherlands. "Bitterballs" are one of Holand's favorite snacks, so we made sure they are made by those who are passionate about it. Therefore, you should definitely try this appetizer out at Cafe Amsterdam. It is the only place you can enjoy in Oslo, whether you would like to taste them early in the afternoon or late at night. We got you covered. 


"Bitterbal" is a deep-fried, crispy, bite-size ball which is to be eaten with savory mustard. Take the "bitterbal" between thumb and index finger, dip one side into the mustard and pop the whole thing in your mouth. No double-dipping!


Interesting fact: we served almost 50 000 "bitterballs" during the first year.  




Tapas is famed worldwide as the food for sharing. Cafe Amsterdam took that basic philosophy of small plates of amazing food; added some innovation in the kitchen and flair behind the bar; and created the perfect ambiance – an informal atmosphere in an intimate and cozy, yet vibrant setting - to enjoy that sharing experience. Unpretentious, unhurried, undeniably Tapas Plate – perfect for sharing.


The herculean feeling of taste can sometimes be overwhelming… so enormous that one will have to have a little piece of everything. Our Tapas Plate is not traditional Spanish tapas alone; it’s inspired by the Dutch and Norwegian perspectives. The perfect assemble of serrano - dry-cured Spanish jamón (ham), chorizo, assorted cheese, olives, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, grapes, dip, and crackers.


It tastes amazing with a glass of sparkling wine, dry white wine, or a cold beer. Need a recommendation? Feel free to ask one of our team members. We live for it. 



Are you hosting an event? Would you like this food and snacks be offered at your event? Do you need help in organizing it? Cafe Amsterdam is happy to offer our amazing venue for events of all kinds: launch parties, lectures and debates, inmate gatherings, class reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and everything in between! So if you have a project that needs a home, then get in touch! 

We consider ourselves a family-like establishment offering one of the best creative atmospheres with an incredible location, convenient access for everyone - right in the heart of downtown Oslo at Kristian Augusts gate 12, Oslo 0164.  


We believe, there’s more to choosing an event venue than finding one of the right sizes (although that is part of the process). There are several boxes you must check off before committing to an event venue. 


Do not hesitate and contact us now. Please, send us an email at cafeamsterdam@live.no, or fill in the Event Booking Enquiry online by following the button below. Feel free to contact Christine, the Event Manager: 911 64 849, directly to arrange a no-biding meeting to address all your concerns and specific needs.