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Cafe Amsterdam is Norway’s first Dutch pub and bar. In 1993 we opened our first Cafe Amsterdam on Universitetsgate 12. After 14 years of running the Cafe, the lease contract was terminated and the venue was closed. In November 2014 Cafe Amsterdam reopened its doors again to the delight of its former and new guests. The new and bigger venue is now located 100 meters away from the old Cafe Amsterdam, Kristian Augusts Gate 12.


The new Cafe Amsterdam is more mature, chic and has a Dutch atmosphere. But it still has the same philosophy; it’s a place where open-minded and big-hearted people are welcome to enjoy their time in Cafe Amsterdam. We hope our guests feel welcome to have good conversations and meetings while enjoying the pleasure of our drinks, (Dutch) munchies and bar snacks. Please come and enjoy Cafe Amsterdam.

Cafe Amsterdam Photo Taken from Mezzanine by Saar F
The old Cafe Amsterdam vibes
Dutch vibes in Cafe Amsterdam
Dutch atmosphere in Cafe Amsterdam

We like to consider Café Amsterdam a great place, open to both locals and tourists. The newly opened Cafe Amsterdam brings the spirit of the Dutch capital into the heart of Oslo, combining the best of the two countries and their cultures.


This unique venue is loaded with original poster art, velvet paintings, and other oddities. Feel free to stare at them while slugging stiff drinks and nibbling finger-licking with great glee food and snacks.


Well... see it for yourselves. Meet Mr. Peter back in 2016. Video courtesy:

Yes, the concepts have changed throughout the years to meet the needs of our diverse guests. Our family-like team has continuously been on the top of the game, so we stay exciting and on-trend so there is always something for everyone. Whether it's something delicious to eat and drink or to experience a live concert, themed party... - a little out of the ordinary. And probably, the best of all, we always dig deep to make sure all our events are FREE!


to everyone in the heart of Oslo

Cafe Amsterdam is a great unique venue, open to both locals and tourists. We bring the spirit of the Dutch capital into the heart of Oslo, combining the best of the two countries and their cultures. We want to consider ourselves inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Accessibility at Cafe Amsterdam Oslo Gol
Cafe Amsterdam Oslo Accessible to Everyo

Oslo is a cool city, packed with culture, art, nature, and one of the friendliest folks in the world. It has a very compact and cozy city center, perfect for exploring over a long weekend break. 


To make your trip to Oslo unique, visit us for a one of a kind experience with a super-cool, friendly, family-like staff and a wide selection of international food and drinks menu.  

Cafe Amsterdam is located in the city center, within reach of Oslo's most visited tourist attractions.​ We find ourself surrounded by Oslo's best-known buildings and landmarks within a walking distance: Akershus Fortress (15 min walk), the Royal Palace (10 min walk), the City Hall (6 min walk), the Parliament (6 min walk), and the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet (21 min walk). The many museums located in the heart of Oslo, including the National Gallery (3 min walk), Nobel Peace Center (10 min walk), Museum of History (3 min walk), and the Museum of Architecture (13 min walk), are all worth a visit. Off the beaten path, the Mini Bottle Gallery (13 min walk), Northern Lights Xperium (9 min walk) and Oslo Reptile Park (6 min walk) come recommended.

Public Transportation/ Parking

Cafe Amsterdam is located within a walking distance to various public transportation points and easily accessible, spacious parking places.

Address: Kristian Augusts gate 12, Oslo 0164

Tram (Trikk): Get off at the stop “Tinguset”. About 2 - 3 min walk from the stop.

Subway (T-bane): Get off at the stop “Stortinget”. About 5 min walk from the stop. Also, you get off at the stop "Nationaltheatret" and it's about 5 - 6 min walk from this stop.

Bus: Depending on where you are coming from, there are several bus stops nearby you can get off. within 5 - 10 min walking distance. Please, check to plan your journey. "St. Olav plass" stop is just within 3 min walking distance.

Parking: Use public street parking. Nearest P-house is "Sentrum parkeringshus" in CJ Hambros plass 1 · 0164 Oslo. Read more about parking options, rates, and payments for parking on Oslo Municipality's website here


Universal Design

Good food and drinks come wrapped in an exceptional dining experience at this grand central bar, where the bartenders work hard behind a bar lit by elaborate bottled chandeliers, kitchen chef assembles simple masterpieces to fight everyone's hunger, and the event manager chit chats to make sure you are having a blast. 


Cafe Amsterdam is ideally located in a flat-accessible-easy-to-get-around street. It is spacious and accessible, so it is easy to move around in for everyone. There are no stairs in the entrance, making it even easier to access it. 

Whether you're looking to flavor standard Dutch snacks or a cozy local joint, you'll find plenty to please your palate in Cafe Amsterdam. Cafe Amsterdam certainly holds its own on the restaurant front, offering everything a hungry visitor craves: from Norwegian to tapas, and from Italian to Dutch.  All of that accessible to everyone. 

Our guests will find a sizeable accessible restroom on a main-floor. It features a wheelchair-friendly stool and a changing table for our patrons with their youngsters. For all our other guests, we have separate bathrooms downstairs. ​

mezzanine to rent at Cafe Amsterdam Oslo

Private Party Room

The various seating areas, corners, and table arrangements provide a relaxing and nonchalant ambiance at Cafe Amsterdam.  


We like to consider ourselves a modern and cozy pub, located on in the center of Norway's capital. The unique collection of paintings, signs, memorabilia and of course the music of the ’80s and 2000s will bring you back to those decades as if it were yesterday.


Almost all-year-round, Monday to Saturday (with the exception of holidays),

you can relish a delicious breakfast, lunch or a quick bite. Or just relax with a nice cup of coffee while enjoying the golden oldies that are being played, or just having a chit chat with our staff members. 

We regularly organize theme parties. Major football matches of the Dutch Premier League, European Championships, World Cup and Champions League are presented on the big screen(s). Check our agenda and Facebook page regularly for upcoming events. The mezzanine in the back of our bar can be booked for family celebrations, corporate events, parties or a great dinner with large groups. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Curious about what we have to offer? Just come over and be surprised!

Smokers-friendly Bar

Ever since the smoking ban of 2004, smoking areas have become the place to be on a night out. We understand they are the place for a little breather. The place with probably the best chat of the evening, filled with people who realize there's always more to a night out than just dancing and drowning in the delicious burger.


Cafe Amsterdam offers you to enjoy one or two ciggies in our smoking area. It's a place where friendships are made as that guy you kind of recognize but don't really know comes and asks to bum a cig. Our smoking area is a hot venue for a day or night in Oslo – no matter how cold and/ or wet. Zip on your drink, while smoking under the warmth of heating lamps, enjoying "just a little bit of fresh air." What more could you possibly want from a smoking area?


It's a great time in a place of swapping stories and rizlas; you can chill out with your friends as well as make some random new ones. Spirits are high and so is the body count, making it almost impossible to get too chilly whilst you and your pals take a ciggy break.

Cafe Amsterdam Smoking Room Smokers Frie